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Swimming Pool


Nowadays, pools have their way to the SPA culture enormously, their beneficial especially effect the people who have weight problem, the Pregnant women, and sedentary lifestyle people. The most important reason for this is that water exercises are much less hard that the regular ones. On the other hand, water-based physical therapy has proven to be more effective in this type of healing treatment. Swimming pools can be designed and applied in all sizes and features, both indoor and outdoor. Naturally, we can design these pools place qualities and the design features related decisions and we enrich the concept, alternatives and material choices. if the client wish, we can also add new features to the pool space. Furthermore, we can provide hydromassage systems, waterfalls, fountains and many alternative material options.


We owe all of this to our collaborating and synergized team of architects and engineers. Each imaginative and restricted design option has an infrastructure designed to match the pool qualities. As far as you can see on the side, we can provide pool solutions that increases the user comfort at the same time increases the business profitability. With more than 40 years’ experience in the sector Yalcin Pool has the ability to produce a high-quality pool in every size with its own technical and professional staff.


Yalçın Havuz - Hamam Ürün Resim

Hot water, massage platform, scrubbing, aromatic smells, soaps and a massive foam massage are the first thing that comes to the mind when it comes to the Hammam. Its benefits are many; reduces stress, relaxes the body, refresh, relieves muscle strains and body aches, increases blood circulation, keeps skin young and fresh. With these aspects, the Hammam is among the indispensables of SPA culture. The Hammam at Yalcin Pool is the result of blending the Hammam culture from the past with modern technology and taste.


Traditional marble processing techniques are used in the production of modern Spa & Wellness units. Appropriately designed space concept and Hammam traditional examples emulates an elegant and a high-quality work.


Technical infrastructure is very important for a perfect Hamam. What determine the work quality is a carefully planned, an insulation layer application and a surface stability.


In the Yalcin Pool, the Hammam is treated as work of an art, taking into account Yalcin Pool functionality standards, unproblematic and low operational costs.


Yalçın Havuz - Sauna Ürün Resim

Sauna hot and dry air is used for sweating and the unit internal temperature is between 40֯ C- 90֯ C. Sauna is a cultural-physical activity that regulates the heart beats, circulatory system and nervous system. During the sauna usage, the temperature of the skin upper surface increases by 10 ֯C and the temperature of the skin lower surface increases by 1 ֯C. This way improves the immune system by increasing the number of antibodies in the body. Sauna also expand the blood vessels which cause accelerate flow, clear skin from dead cells and another effect for intense sweating is balancing the water and the toxins in the body, particularly the lactic acid is excreted by sweating from the body.


As a rule, for the total physiological, relaxing and soothing benefits of sauna is cold shower after. Other benefits of sauna are; it can reduce the negativity feelings such as the stress, in the addition of the positive effects on the immune system and the circulatory system.


Yalcin Pool produces the perfect and safe sauna with a variety of designs and material choices that meet our clients’ high expectations. Yalcin Pool is the other name of SPA, where exhaustion and stress can be released…

Steam Room

Yalçın Havuz - Buhar Odası Ürün Resim

Steam bath is one of the simplest and most effective ways of cleansing the body from toxins. A swollen skin and opened pores release the metabolic process and eject other waste outside the body. The high humidity level increases the body temperature, making it the primary heat transfer mechanism and causing a significant amount of sweating. This allows cleaning and healing effects for a period of 10-15 minutes in the steam room.


During the steam bath the heart reaches 100-150 heart beat which cause acceleration in the blood circulation, on the other hand blood pressure does not rise due to the expanding capillaries.


Essential oils made from plants extracts are spread all over the room by putting it in the steam. Steam and Aromatic oils penetrate the skin and respiratory system and have positive effects on health. So, we can say the humidity and warmth are relaxing combinations, which they soothe the blood pressure and the nervous system, increases blood circulation to all organs and tissues. The steam is heated to about 60֯ degrees, and discharged from the nozzle in a waterproof room.


Yalcin Pool itself in its own place design and produce Steam Rooms in every size and any quality. The value of Yalcin Pool business comes from alternative material options, integrations with the other units, and a production of steam rooms with differ temperature and humidity.

Ice Fountain

Yalçın Havuz - Buz Çeşmesi Ürün Resim

After sauna and Turkish bath, the ice fountain is ideal for cooling your body. It can be decorated according to the concept of the existing space. There are options for wall and ceiling installation. A special nozzle located on the wall allows the produced ice to be collected in a bowl located in the lower section.


Depending on the atmosphere of the space, the ice reservoir can be a glass, marble, ceramic or mosaic covered bowl. Yalcın Pool has produced a special wooden barrel option that give a different effect to the space. Users are able to rub their body with ice which stretch the skin and stimulate blood circulation. In this way, the Ice Fountain provides the users with vitality and liveliness.


As Yalcin Pool Ice Fountains can be designed as a separate cooling room, or can be produced in compact sizes which can be applied between units. The amount of ice production and speed can be adjusted.

Kerıon Mosaıcs

Kerion Mosaics

Kerion developed innovative solutions and used of sustainable technologies in its production of Porcelain Ceramic. Our product range includes Mosaic and Neocim collections enriched with high-resistance metallic surfaces which comes in different colors and designs for indoor and outdoor spaces. Kerion ceramic is a bright porcelain ceramics with a new technological approach compared with traditional ceramic tiles that they are produced with single tone pattern. We are trying to redefine handcraft with high technology by, combining the details of the past with collections in a contemporary way, and creating unique and different products.

Kerion Mosaics is in Turkey, Middle East, Balkans and Asia.

Spa & Wellness


In order to provide the SPA centers guests a healthy and happy experience, it is an importance for the relaxation room to be easily accessible from every part of the facility.


The pleasant climate and interior comfort add a special meaning to the relaxation zone, adds a special meaning to the relaxation zone. But more important than all of the above, the users comfort.